The Only Cure For Almost All Diseases and Illnesses

how to cure all diseases
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You can cure almost all diseases and illnesses by doing 2 things, both of which are free.

1. Fasting
Only drink water. If you want, in the morning, add fresh squeezed lemon to water.

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source: Intermittent Fasting vs Longterm Fasting: Benefits of 1-3 Day Fasts (Thomas DeLauer)

source: Benefits of Fasting for the Brain

2. Urine Therapy
Drink your own urine. Do this in the morning. Drink your urine mid-stream (pee a little bit, then pee into a cup, and drink your urine.)

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source: Urine Therapy: The Top 3 Reasons to Drink Your Own Urine

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After you fast for at least 2 weeks to 30 days, resume eating, but eat small meals, and eat mainly raw vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, with small amounts of meat (wild caught salmon, sardines, cold-water fish, turkey). Once you resume eating a healthy diet, fast one or two days a week.

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Inspire your friends with natural health tips
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