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how to cure hives
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What Might Have Caused Me to Get Hives

I work as a BackGround (BG) actor for film and television. You may have seen me in the BackGround (BG) of movies and TV shows, at least the ones that are filmed in the New York City area. Another name for a BG actor is an “extra”. We are the people in the background (at the coffeehouse, the restaurant, dancing at the club, partygoers, or even crossing the street, in exterior shots.

Last week, I was working for an Amazon TV show at their set at Steiner Studios. It was a “rush call”, meaning I answered an email looking for “extras” to work that evening, and if we could be at set within an hour. I replied. I was chosen.

I walk to the bus stop (this is Brooklyn, New York), hop on the bus and ride to Steiner Studios. Once there, I’m fitted into my 1950’s outfit, then instructed to wait at “holding” (where extras hang out). Eventually, we are called to set.

At set, I’m offered herbal cigarettes (combination of herbs and clove) and accept the offer to smoke as it’s a pay-bump. The set is a 1950’s beatnik, ground floor coffeehouse with small stage. My job is this: I’m chatting with a cute girl who’s smoking, too, although we’re not chatting, we’re pantomiming, while smoking a cigarette, and then watching and laughing at a comedian on stage.

There’s a group of us, about 50 extras, in the cafe scene. As we do take after take, a few things start happening …

1. I begin to feel dizzy from being smoking (inhaling) and being around the herbal cigarette smoke. A lot of people standing nearby are smoking, too.

2. I begin to itch. My outfit is a black, wool turtleneck, long sleeve shirt. My back and arms and armpits are beginning to get itchy.

3. My feet are hurting as, standing in these 1950’s style shoes, they feel too narrow.

We work the scene. It’s an all night scene lasting hours. After checking out and leaving Steiner Studios, it’s almost 6am. I cross the street and wait for the bus to arrive. I wait for 40 minutes. I’m itching. I’m tired.

I arrive home and sleep. When I wake up, I’m covered in itchy red spots on my stomach and arms.

Later that day, my roommate assaults me physically and I call the cops on him. I decline to have him arrested (mistake), expecting him to be apologetic, but he’s still an asshole. Later, he attempts to assault me again. I call the cops. Another set of cops arrive. I tell them to please arrest him. They refuse to. I file a 2nd harassment report.

All of this–the wool shirt (probably starched with some poisonous cleaning fluid), smoking the herbal cigarette, and stress of crazy roommate–probably led me to get hives.

natural treatments

Having hives sucks. They itch all the time. It’s almost impossible to sleep.

So, looking for a cure for hives, I went online and searched “how to cure hives naturally”. I found a bunch of websites, took notes, walked to the store, bought ingredients, and used them to cure hives.

Here’s What I did to Cure Hives

1. Kept my room cold
Even though it was low 70’s outside, and I keep my windows open, I turned on my air conditioner to 60’s and kept it running. It was very cold, but the coldness helped prevent itching and scratching. I slept naked, after having taken a cold shower.

2. Wear loose clothing.
I wore loose fitting t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, corduroys, shorts, usually no underwear.

3. Cleaned by bed.
Vacuumed my bed, then slept on Egyptian bamboo 300-count thread sheets and only let these touch my body. I slept naked, after taking a cold shower.

4. Took cold showers.
Did not use soap or a wash cloth. Used my hands to gently rub the water all over my skin to wash off any dirt.

5. Distilled white vinegar soaks
Purchased a gallon-sized container of Distilled White Vinegar. Poured 1/4 of this into a 5-gallon bucket. Added a 1/4 gallon of water. Placed a wash cloth to soak in the vinegar-water mix. Before taking the cold shower, I would place the wash cloth (soaked in distilled white vinegar & water) and gently rest it on all parts of my naked body, over the hives infected rash areas. Then, I would take a cold shower.

hives on legs

6. Organic apple cider vinegar soak
Purchased organic apple cider vinegar, poured it into a pot (you can use a pot or bucket), added a cup of water to it, and soaked a wash cloth in it. Before taking a cold shower, I would place the wash cloth (soaked in organic apple cider vinegar and some water, and place it on all parts of my naked body, over the hives infected rash area. Then, I would take a cold shower.

7. Change diet
Eliminated all sugar, dairy, caffeine from my diet.

8. Fasting
Fasted. Did not eat anything.

9. Drank more water
Only drank water, water with fresh-squeezed lemon, water with organic apple cider vinegar.

10. Drank organic apple cider vinegar
Sometimes, drank organic apple cider vinegar right out of the bottle. Let it go down into my stomach. Followed this with drinking some water.

11. Garlic steam bath
Boiled 2 cups of water and added chopped garlic to this. Let it boil. While it was boiling, I placed my face over the steam, allowing the water-steam-garlic to cleanse my face, nostrils and skin.

12. Urine therapy
I drank my own urine, once a day, in the morning. I would pee a little, catch the rest in a cup. Drink it. Urine therapy is a proven cure for probably all diseases. You can find out more about the benefits of urine therapy here and here and here.

13. Slept a lot
Got plenty of rest in a very dark, very cold room. Slept naked, right after taking a cold shower.

14. Got sunlight
I have a rooftop in my building with stairwell access and a few times a day, I would walk around the rooftop, letting the sunlight and it’s anti-septic properties heal my skin. Sometimes, I would sit on the roof, feeling the sunlight on my body. I only did this perhaps once or twice a day in the late afternoon or early evening, and for only a 15-minute period at most.

After 7 days, the hives disappeared.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at:

Kris Kemp
writer, consultant

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