Baldness Cures for 2017: The Top Ten Natural Cures for Male Pattern Baldness

male pattern baldness cures
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If you are seeing your hair fall out in the shower, you might fear going bald. Perhaps, you see signs of male pattern baldness happening and you are scared of how this will effect your life. Is there anything you can do to prevent male pattern baldness or hair loss? Are there certain foods or herbs or activities you can do to grow your hair? Thankfully, there are solutions for hair growth. Keep reading to find out more.

Want to achieve a Rapunzel-like hair? Here comes Mustard Oil and Henna leaves to save you from baldness. Usually, Mustard Oil is used inside the pantry to sauté different dishes which will get you longer and lustrous mane. Not only it does good in the kitchen, but it also revitalizes your Hair too. As it is often used to promote better Hair Growth, it is known to be also used by Ancient Greeks and Romans.

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henna-and-mustard-oil-for-male-pattern-baldnessIf you weren’t aware, Mustard is an excellent source of Vitamins and Mineral. Apart from that, it is also rich in Zinc, Selenium and Beta Carotene. This gets converted to Vitamin A that is a great factor in promoting Hair Growth. Furthermore, Mustard Oil also has Fatty Acids, Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium. Generally, Hair Loss occurs due to Selenium or Zinc Deficiency within the body. Thus, massaging your scalp regularly with Mustard oil could stimulate healthier locks.

Meanwhile, boiling this oil with Henna Leaves can greatly formulate a powerful Hair Loss Remedy. It is a popular Herb from India which is an excellent conditioner for your tresses. This covers every Hair Shaft and then, builds a certain Protective Layer, which protects your hair strands from too much damage.

How to do this? Simply add 60 grams of Henna leaves right into a 250-ml Mustard Oil little by little until they all get burnt. Filter the oil through a strainer or cloth. After that, keep this well in a bottle. A regular massage on your hair scalp using this mixture can produce Instagram-worthy hair.

You can buy high quality Mustard Oil directly from Amazon with free delivery.

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One may also want to try creating a consistent paste from the combination of Beer, Honey and Boiled Wheat.

As soon as Bald Patches start to appear on your scalp, don’t be scared. Beer, Honey, and Boiled Wheat won’t let you cry due to Excessive Hair Loss. With these Basic Ingredients found inside your kitchen, you can now gain back your Crowning Glory effortlessly.

beer-and-honey-male-pattern-baldness-cureThis perfect combination provides fantastic nutritional value to your hair since it contains sought-after ingredients for a more voluminous and bouncy tress. The Beer has protein and B Vitamins, which helps restore and repair damaged hair. On the other hand, Boiled Wheat do add volume while Honey is extremely helpful because it has a Plethora of Vitamins and Nutrients such as Vitamins E, C, K, B1, B6, and B2. You just need to invest some time preparing for this powerful combo. Don’t forget to comply with the instruction below to achieve the best result.

How to do this?

Prepare the needed ingredients namely ½ glass beer, one tablespoon of Honey, ½ Banana, and one Egg Yolk. Take them all in one bowl and mix them well. Thoroughly blend them until you’ve got that thick and Homogenous Paste.

After that, apply this Mask on your Hair Scalp evenly, adding an extra coat on the area where your hair is losing drastically. Let it sink in for about two hours. Once you already feel some heat, this only means that the solution is already working on your follicles. Next, rinse off with a gentle shampoo. You must do this once every week regularly to obtain lush hair. In no time, you’ll spot small hair sprigs on your bald patches.

male pattern baldness cures

Method 1: Home Remedies For Male Pattern Baldness

If the hair fall is recent, then remedies can assist you to fix the issue. These remedies help in preventing the DHT secretion and promote hair growth.

1. Use Protein Pack Made From Soya Beans, Shikakai & Gram Flour

Soak 1 cup of soya beans in water for 1 – 2 hours.
Grind the paste and add 1 tablespoon of gram flour to it.
Mix well and add 2 teaspoons of shikkakai powder.
Apply the paste on your scalp. Massage and leave for 1 hour.
Wash off with a mild shampoo.
2. Massage With Cinnamon Powder & Olive Oil

Mix 2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder with 1 cup of olive oil.
Apply this oil mixture on the scalp and massage.
Leave for an hour and wash off with a mild shampoo.
3. Apply The Mixture Made Of Mustard Oil & Henna Leaves

male pattern baldness

Take a few teaspoons of mustard oil.
Heat both the boils and add fresh henna leaves to it (cleaned & dry).
Once the mixture cools, strain the oil and use it with a carrier oil (coconut oil).
Apply on the hair and scalp 2-3 times a week for best results.
Alternatively, boil 3 – 4 teaspoons of mustard seeds in 1 liter of water. Use this water to rinse your hair. Doing this for a long time can control the male pattern baldness.
4. Consume Saw Palmetto Orally

Saw palmetto works the best for the treatment of hair loss or baldness when taken orally because it works from within. The external application also works but is not as effective as oral consumption. The effects might be slow or might not have any effect at all. Saw palmetto can be consumed in two ways:

Eat the fruit or
Have it in its encapsulated form
Ideal Dosage: 150 – 300 mg per day

Besides consuming it, you can apply saw palmetto oil on the scalp directly. However, it takes time. So use it regularly. The reason it works is its lipophilic properties whose active ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin.

For desired results, apply the saw palmetto oil on alternate nights. Gently massage the scalp for 15 minutes. This is sufficient to give the scalp proper hydration and nourishment. It strengthens the roots and prevents hair loss.

male pattern baldness

5. Herbs: Nettle Roots & Pygeum

Nettle roots’ extract is something that is extensively used in popular hair fall treatments. It is conjectured to inhibit the DHT production effectively. It works the best when combined with the herb pygeum. They can be orally consumed as supplements or applied topically.

However, nettle roots may have some side effects, which include:

Topical Application Can Cause: Irritation in the scalp after being applied and Scalp allergies.
Oral Consumption Can Cause: Stomach upset, Urination difficulties, Edema, Burning, and Bloating. Patients suffering from kidney and heart problems should avoid nettle roots.
Note: Talk to your doctor before using this remedy.

Click here to learn how to use nettle for hair

6. Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil and male pattern baldness are often associated with each other. According to a study done at the Republic of Korea’s Pusan National University, the medical scientists tested the effects of pumpkin seed oil in 76 patients (all male) who had androgenic alopecia (or male pattern hair loss) in moderate levels.

During the phototrichographic examination, people who used pumpkin seed oil had significant hair counts. This was about 30-40% increase in hair counts than participants who used placebo for their hair loss. The placebo effect had only 5-10% increase in hair count. The researchers claimed the pumpkin seed oil to be safe except that there was a stomach upset (mild) during the trials.

Pumpkin seed oil is enriched with zinc, essential fatty acids, and iron. Also, it blocks the DTH naturally. However, proper clinical tests are still required to understand its effectiveness to treat baldness and to check its potency to obstruct DTH.

Method 2: Approved Medicines For Baldness

If the above remedies fail or you no longer see positive results after applying natural therapies and hair loss seems to be increasing, then it is time to meet a dermatologist.

Minoxidil (Rogaine) & Propecia (Finasteride) are the only two medicines that have been clinically tested and FDA-approved for the treatment of male pattern baldness. Though these are the two most common medications prescribed by most dermatologists, they can have side effects. Hence, we advise you to take them only after consulting your doctor.
7. Minoxidil (Rogaine)

Minoxidil is one of the best topical treatments for hair loss or baldness in men. It comes in lotion form and is usually applied two times a day on the affected parts. It stimulates the hair follicles and claims to help you in growing new hairs. Most dermatologists will advise their patients never to use more than 25 drops per day, as this medicine induces multiple side effects like skin dryness and scalp itchiness. However, many people continue to use Minoxidil because they find this highly effective and fast. The results begin to show up within 12 weeks of regular use.

8. Propecia (Finasteride)

Propecia and Proscar are the popular brands of the drug named Finasteride. A pharmaceutical company called Merck first discovered this medicine. They used it to treat inflamed prostate glands. Gradually, they observed that this drug also promoted hair growth. In 1997, the FDA (Federation of Food & Drugs) approved this for treating male pattern baldness. The drug is reported to stop the production of DTH and decrease the rate of hair loss in men. In fact, this is considered more effective and better than Rogaine.

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Method 3: Artificial Hair Solutions

If you have almost become bald, then it is time to have your hair fixed permanently. At least, this would save you from embarrassment. There are two ways you could do this:

9. Hair Transplants

In spite of being expensive, hair transplants have become a lot common in these days. The answer is simple – people want the results to be quick. Also, with fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, we hardly find time to nurture ourselves. So, if remedies and drugs have failed, the final option is to have a hair transplant done.

Hair transplantation is an expensive surgical process where the healthy hair follicles (or the donor site) from a particular body part is moved to the balding parts (or the recipient site). The patient is given local anesthesia, which lasts for about 6 hours.

10. Hair Wigs & Hats

Wigs might not be as expensive as hair transplantation but can give you a temporary fix. They are the best way to conceal your baldness. Now, choosing a wig can be equally tricky. They come in two types:

Human hair wigs
Synthetic wigs
Synthetic wigs are cheaper when compared to human hair wigs. They are easier to style and maintain because the polymers in them help hold the shape better. On the contrary, human hair wigs can be tedious to maintain. You need to learn special skills to make it look realistic.

Even hats are a great way to hide your baldness from others.

Hair loss is a natural cycle of a human’s life. With right treatments, they can be fixed back. It is up to you when you do it and what method you choose for yourself. What other treatments you feel could help treat hair loss in men? Tell us in comments.

9 Effective Ways To Stop Hair Loss In Men

Some of the effective ways and home remedies for hair loss and baldness in men include the use of oil massage, coconut milk, eggs, avocados, orange juice, aloe vera, neem paste, henna, mayonnaise, honey, black pepper, vinegar, and lemon juice, as well as cutting back on red meat, eating nuts and brown rice, boosting B-complex vitamin intake, and maintaining good thyroid health.

For millions of men all across the world, regardless of culture, class, nationality, religion, or color, hair loss is an unavoidable aspect of growing older. There are those fortunate men who never seem to lose a single hair and take their full head of hair well into their 70s and 80s, but for the vast majority of men, losing their hair is a problem they begin to face in their 40s or 50s, or even earlier for some people.

Table of Contents
Causes of Hair Loss or Baldness in Men
Home Remedies to Stop Hair Loss in Men
Scalp Massage
Coconut Milk
Egg Wash
Antioxidant Potential
Black Pepper
Reducing Red Meat Intake
Biotin Boost
Thyroid Health
Causes Of Hair Loss Or Baldness In Men
There are a number of causes behind male hair loss, including male pattern baldness, alopecia, fungal infections, psychological disorders, as a result of chemotherapy, nutrient deficiencies, or hormonal imbalances. A lack of circulation on the scalp can also cause hair loss in men.

It is important to note that hair loss occurs in women as well, for some similar reasons, and some different ones. We will cover hair loss in women in a separate article. Men are the predominant gender that suffers from this health condition, particularly male pattern baldness and early onset hair loss from age 20-40.

Whatever the cause of male hair loss, which can often lead to baldness, it is an annoying reality of life. However, what if there was some way to slow down the rate of hair loss, or even stimulate the hair follicles to begin producing hair again? I think that would be wonderfully valuable advice for all those men around the globe who are tired of combing over their remaining hair, or even resorting to a toupee to hide their thinning dome.

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Home Remedies To Stop Hair Loss In Men
Since we know many of the causes behind hair loss, that means we also understand how to prevent it, by fixing or treating those conditions. Hair loss is often a side effect of something else, so if you are able to fix the fundamental problem, then you will likely be able to fix your hair loss problems as well! These home remedies are a combination of dietary choices and activities that can boost your hair growth and reduce the rate of hair loss in your life, leaving you with a thick head of hair for years to come!

Scalp Massage
This is one of the most time-tested remedies for hair loss, because one of the main causes of hair loss in men is a lack of circulation of blood. Blood brings important oxygen to the hair follicles, which is essential in stimulating and maintaining growth of hair. Therefore, regular scalp massages can help to keep your circulation high and bring those important elements to the scalp. This can be a daily practice that men can use to increase their hair growth in areas where they have begun to go bald.

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Coconut Milk
Coconut milk is rich in nutrients and vitamins that your hair needs to grow. Also, it can keep both your hair and your follicles healthy, thereby helping you keep the hair you have and even grow some new hair back. Coconut oil and coconut milk can both be implemented on the skin of the scalp (topically) or consumed in the form of food and drink, so there is no reason why you can’t get these benefits in some way.

Egg Wash
While there are plenty of things you can eat to make your hair healthy, there is also plenty of food you can put on your hair that also helps it grow. Eggs are very high in protein, which helps to keep hair thick and strong. By whisking a few eggs and creating a paste, you can rub it through your hair and let it sit for a few minutes before washing it out. This can be a great way of packing protein into your hair for a healthier shine and volume.

Antioxidant Potential
Certain fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants, which are the leading defense mechanisms of the body against free radicals. Some of the conditions that free radicals can cause include premature aging and the death of skin cells, including those of the scalp. Therefore, fruits and vegetables like bananas, avocados, orange juice, lemon juice, and honey can always be applied to the hair, used in the form of a short wash. These various pulps can quickly boost your hair’s growth potential!

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Black Pepper
Mixing a few teaspoons of black pepper with a few ounces of yoghurt can be a good paste for your hair. Mix the two together well and rub it into your hair as you would a normal shampoo. Rinse it out after a few minutes, and then wash it out with a mild shampoo.

Vinegar has a number of beneficial nutrients, including potassium and certain other enzymes that help promote hair growth and also prevents dandruff. Dandruff can clog the hair follicles and the pores, making hair growth impossible. By eliminating that dandruff problem, vinegar can allow the hair to begin growing again.

Reducing Red Meat Intake
Sebum blocking the hair follicles and the pores is a big problem that causes hair loss. However, certain studies have shown a positive connection between animal fat intake and an increase in sebum production. This might mean that cutting down on your red meat will help lower that sebum level and allow your hair to grow unhindered.

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Biotin Boost
Biotin is a type of intestinal bacteria that can actually help increase your hair growth. Foods that contain biotin include nuts and brown rice, so adding these to your daily diet can really help to improve your hair growth.

Thyroid Health
If you suffer from hypothyroidism, then you need to improve it. A way to increase your iodine levels is to add sea vegetables like kelp, noru, kombu, and wakame. These might not be the easiest foods to access, depending on your location, but if you can get a hold of them, make sure to eat them regularly to increase your thyroid hormone production. Hormonal imbalances are a big cause of hair loss, so maintaining proper hormonal activity is important to keep your hair looking great as you get older, but also while you’re young!

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You can cure hair loss and male pattern baldness by following the techniques listed above, by incorporating these hair-growth foods and vitamins and hair growth minerals and hair-growth herbs into your diet. Make exercise an everyday part of your lifestyle. Drink plenty of water. You can cure your male pattern baldness. You can grow your hair back. You can have a full head of hair again.

A controversial technique for hair growth is urine therapy. It’s worth checking out. Visit this site to find out more about the benefits of urine therapy for hair growth. I’ma practitioner of urine therapy and have seen wonderful results. You can, too. Share this blog article with your friends who will thank you for it.

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